Ground floor apartment of a two-story building


Complete renovation of an apartment in the center of Volos next to Analipsi Church, 5 minutes from Agios Nikolaos Square.
It is a Ground Floor Apartment, 97 sq.m. and faces Magneton Street in a two-story building built before 1955, one piece and the rest with a showcase in 1993.
As R DEC Engineering & Constructions, we were asked to upgrade the apartment’s energy efficiency by including it in the SAVE-AUTONOMO program and to remodel its interior spaces by changing the interior layout and decoration.
After an autopsy and study, in collaboration with the technical office Prigkos Construction and Valuation, based on the then existing condition of the apartment, it was chosen to demolish the partitions that existed in the living room and the two corridors so as to open up the spaces and increase the utilization rate natural lighting. The illusion of increased space was created by opening the partitions of the living room and kitchen corridor so that there is visual contact from end to end on the longest axis. The living room – dining room was separated, the bathroom was enlarged and the kitchen was arranged differently. In the entire apartment, the floor was completely reconstructed with screed, application of cement mortar, thermal insulation and moisture protection in the elevated part and coating with A’ quality laminate and 60×60 tile. Maintenance of the existing masonry was done with the replacement of old plasters and spatula painting throughout the apartment as well as a completely new electrical installation, water supply installation, drainage and heating network installation as well as a change of internal doors, a complete reconstruction of the bathroom and the construction of kitchen furniture. In addition, the backyard was reconstructed with the application of cement mortar for the appropriate slopes and installation of new outdoor tiles.
Regarding the energy upgrade, window frames were replaced with 16 mm PVC-energy glass with Argon, thermal insulation showcase of external masonry with 7 cm. graphic expanded polystyrene, installation of Natural Gas with individual Vaillant wall-mounted boiler with Compensation, installation of 3 Inventor air conditioners, Solar collector thermal siphon system 2.3 sq.m. and 200 l reservoir and installation of a smart home remote management system.
In the apartment, the earthy shades were chosen, with white, black, wood and green predominant. The space was decorated with colored furniture for the beautiful contrast and warmth in the space. Its lighting was done with modern design lamps and hidden lighting was built in the living-dining area with the aim of creating an atmospheric mood.
The apartment will be available for short-term rental (Airbnb) with the possibility of hosting up to 6 people.
Part of the budget was covered by the SAVE – AUTONOMY program


Location: Volos, Analipsi region
Floor area: 97.00
State: Finished
Design: Prigkos Construction and Valuation in association with RDEC engineering & constructions
Construction: RDEC engineering & constructions