Technical office

R DEC Engineering & Constructions is a Technical Office based in Volos Greece that operates in the construction and facilities sector. With a fully qualified team of engineers of all specialties, external and internal partners, undertakes private construction projects throughout Greece.

Our experience, the expertise of our partners, the know-how and the scientific approach to each project enable us to respond perfectly to the most demanding constructions and installations.

Using state-of-the-art technological equipment and special computing and design programs, we approach each project in four pillars.

Design, Calculation, Programming, Construction. Trust, reliability and consistency are our core and non-negotiable principles.

Goal, Philosophy, Vision

Our goal is the construction and operation of spaces for the best quality of life, at the lowest possible cost with minimum energy requirements.

Our philosophy is to design, plan and construct buildings with special attention to the thermal comfort of the interior spaces and the hygiene of the indoor air to the appropriate humidity in a beautiful and elegant ensemble with quality materials combining Architecture, Science and Know-how.

Our basic principle is to reduce the energy required to operate the building and reduce pollutant emissions with green design based on Passive House standards, in a special, distinctive and aesthetically beautiful design environment.

Our vision is the complete disengagement from fossil fuels, the use of only Renewable Energy for the required energy of a building, combined with bioclimatic design and Architecture in undisturbed balance with the environment.

We invest in the environment, We protect our home!