Open Space Studio


An open studio accommodation that combines functionality and a guest’s daily needs. The 20 square meter guest house is designed with efficiency and elegance in mind. This fully open space concept, including the seamless integration of the bathroom space, maximizes the feeling of spaciousness in a compact shell. Equipped with modern amenities and clever storage solutions, this guesthouse proves that small spaces can be beautiful and highly functional. Large windows flood the interior with natural light, enhancing the airy feel and connecting us to the outdoors. This guesthouse offers a unique living experience where every detail serves a purpose with the simplicity of spare living in a space that is as open as a traveler’s sense of adventure.


Location: Volos, Magnesia
Floor area: 20 sq.m.
State: Finished
Design: R DEC Design & Construction / Efthimia Dimitrakopoulou
Construction: R DEC Design & Construction