3rd Floor Apartment


Complete renovation of an apartment in the center of Volos next to the square of Agios Nikolaos in one of the most central areas of the city.
It is a 3rd floor apartment, 70 sq.m. and faces Takis Oikonomaki Street in an apartment building built in 1977. After an autopsy and study, in collaboration with the technical office Prigkos Construction and Valuation, based on the then existing condition of the apartment, we were asked to remodel its interior by changing the interior layout and decoration and to upgrade it energetically by reducing the requirement as well as the energy consumption.
In the apartment, it was chosen to reduce the partitions and enlarge the openings so that there is a greater efficiency of natural lighting inside. The kitchen was re-designed, which was joined to the living room by placing the counter as an imaginary divider, as well as re-planning the layout of the living room with the aim of giving the illusion of an increase in space. In the bathroom, there was a total remodeling of the space and an increase in its volume by removing the old loft as well as the construction of a modern shower design. In the rooms, it was chosen to remove the recesses of the old wardrobes in order to open up the spaces more. The earthy shades of materials were chosen, dominated by broken white and the color of wood with gray and black details in a minimal environment.
There was a total replacement of the hydraulic, electrical and heating – cooling systems, replacement of frames with PVC – energy double glazing, internal doors and entrance door, reconstruction and works of floors, walls, bathroom, rooms, design and replacement of kitchen furniture, wardrobes, bathroom furniture and hygiene products.


Location: Volos, Agios Nikolaos area
Floor area: 69.00
State: Finished
Design: Prigkos Construction and Valuation in association with RDEC engineering & constructions
Construction: RDEC engineering & constructions