Accommodation Calendar


In the settlement of Agia Kyriaki in Trikeri of Magnesia, a study is being carried out for the total renovation and utilization of 112.14 square meters of the first floor in an existing two-storey building, with the aim of creating accommodation units for temporary residence for the purpose of tourist exploitation. Taking advantage of the possibilities but also the limitations of the existing situation, it is proposed to create 4 accommodation rooms that cover the wide variety of the tourist crowd. The design challenge was to cover different tourist accommodation scenarios both in terms of number of people and number of nights in the accommodation (from long-term holidays to weekend holidays), therefore the standardization of accommodation rooms was avoided and the creation of four rooms of different sizes (16 sq.m., 18 sq.m., 25 sq.m., 30 sq.m.) with differences in functions (e.g. presence or absence of a kitchen) but with a common design logic, approaching the idea of a Boutique Hotel. The above idea is reinforced in the context of the corporate identity with the separate naming of rooms inspired by the names of the winds used in navigation, specifying their orientation (Ostria, Scirocco, Garbin, Tramontana). The interior layout and design of the rooms was moved in the context of satisfying the needs of modern travelers but at the same time preserving the traditional character of the settlement through the selection of natural materials. In a landscape that invites living in the outdoors, the intention of the design is to create a pleasant, functional, modern interior environment that will feed back and rest the occupant of the accommodation.


Location: Agia Kyriaki, Trikeri Magnesia
Floor area: 112.14 sq.m
State: Finished
Design: R DEC Design & Construction / Efthimia Dimitrakopoulou
Construction: R DEC Design & Construction