Design 3rd floor apartment plan in the center of Volos


In one of the most central streets of the city of Volos (Taki Oikonomaki street) we were asked to remodel the interior of an apartment building as well as its facades. It is planned to change its internal layout and decoration by enlarging the living room-kitchen area, remodeling the two bedrooms and completely changing the layout of the bathroom. By increasing the openings we add more natural light to the spaces and reduce heat losses by using the latest technology frames and glazing. The apartment will be used by the owner for private residence. The construction philosophy is to create a warm and cozy space, with fewer partitions, in earth tones


Location: Volos, Agios Nikolaos area
Floor area: 69.00
State: Design
Design: Prigkos Construction and Valuation in association with RDEC engineering & constructions
Construction: RDEC engineering & constructions