Design Studio-studio plan in the center of Volos


In the most central area of Volos, on Koumoundourou street next to the church of Agios Nikolaos, we were commissioned to remodel the interior of a studio apartment. The interior layout and decoration will be changed by opening up the main space more and adding an imaginary partition between the living room and the kitchen. The configuration of the bathroom changes with a small extension pressing on its renewed design. The apartment is intended to be used for short-term rental housing (Airbnb) and is spaced so that it can accommodate up to 2 people. The construction philosophy is to create a brighter, more useful, more open and more modern space in keeping with the trends of the time.


Location: Volos, Agios Nikolaos area
Floor area: 29.00
State: Design
Design: Prigkos Construction and Valuation in association with RDEC engineering & constructions
Construction: RDEC engineering & constructions