Flexible Limits


On the island of Skopelos, the renovation study of an existing 3-level residence (ground floor, first and second floor) of 85 sq.m., a typical example of the island’s traditional architecture, is being carried out, with the aim of short-term tourist service. The main goal of the design was the flexibility and the configuration of spaces that will offer a comfortable and at the same time functional use with a design tool flexible boundaries (internal dividers). By avoiding the use of standard internal doors and instead rotating vertical wooden blinds that create flexible boundaries internally, ephemeral privacy is offered for the needs of the daily practices of the building’s occupants. In this way, the necessary through ventilation and lighting of the building is achieved at the same time. The functional role of internal dividers allows the configuration of three living rooms with a discreet passage from one space to another. The division of the residence into levels (on the lower level kitchen and living room and on the upper level bathrooms and bedrooms) enables simultaneous actions in the functions of the users in the accommodation unit. Understanding the needs of modern tourists, spaces were designed that can serve the daily life of the holidays and the cohabitation of many tenants. Particular emphasis was placed on the design of the wet spaces so that multiple functions can coexist in common spaces. The common denominator of the choices of architectural design and interior configuration was the combination of the traditional physiognomy of the area and at the same time the modern way of life of the symbiotic practice.


Location: Skopelos - Sporades - Greece
Floor area: 85.00 sq.m.
State: Design
Design: RDEC engineering & constructions (Efi Dimitrakopoulou)
Construction: RDEC engineering & constructions