Renovation of a studio apartment in the center of Volos


In the center of Volos, on Koumoundourou Street 50 m from the shops of Agios Nikolaos, we were asked to remodel a 30 sq.m. studio apartment. with the aim of exploiting it as a short-term rental residence.

The main objective of the design was the flexibility and configuration of the space to offer a comfortable and at the same time functional and aesthetically beautiful use.

Managing the limitations of a small apartment of old design (lighting, ventilation, small spaces) we chose to highlight its simple geometry in order to have a better diffusion of light within it but also the illusion of a larger space. By mentally separating the kitchen from the living room, by building its counter perpendicular to the large axis of the space so that it functions as both a kitchen counter and a dining table, we managed to gain space in the living room, kitchen, dining room and at the same time illuminate the entire apartment with natural lighting during the morning hours. We slightly enlarged the bathroom and changed its layout, gaining space to place a comfortable shower with a more functional space for the user. Our own design bunk bed, with a sofa that opens up to become a double bed and a semi-double bed above, was chosen for better management of the living room / bedroom space and the option of accommodating more people in the apartment.

In the decoration of the spaces, earthy colors were chosen in a modern design with rustic tones, but also the warm and special lighting with touches of more intense colors, such as a painting of our own composition with works by Roy Lichtenstein.


Location: Volos, Agios Nikolaos area
Floor area: 29.00 sq.m.
State: Finished
Design: RDEC engineering & constructions
Construction: RDEC engineering & constructions