Renovation/Remodeling of an old stone building (large maisonette)


In the seaside settlement of South Pelion, Afissos, it is proposed to remodel an existing stone house and later add it to short-term residences of a tourist facility.
The main objective of the design was the flexibility and configuration of spaces that would offer a comfortable and at the same time functional use.
1st division of the space, the formation of a large maisonette, thus creating the connection of the two floors that did not exist before.
By managing the limitations (lighting, ventilation, accessibility) and turning them into opportunities, the vertical separation of the stone house was chosen and the creation of two maisonettes connected by an internal staircase. The division of the residence into levels (on the lower level kitchen and living room and on the upper level bathrooms and bedroom) enables simultaneous actions in the functions of the users in the accommodation unit. Understanding the needs of modern tourists, spaces were designed that can serve a dense 24-hour service not only in the summer months but all year round. For this reason, the wet areas (kitchens and bathrooms) are capable of hosting actions that also concern indoor living in the space. Particular emphasis was placed on the design of the bathrooms so that multiple functions can coexist in common areas.
The basic idea of the configuration of the addition is the possibility of hosting in separate spaces but at the same time achieving the necessary lighting of the main daily living space. Thus, the design of an open kitchen was chosen to take advantage of its window and in addition a flexible partition instead of masonry for the one bedroom to provide the necessary lighting and also to enlarge the space through the opening panel during the day.
The common denominator of the architectural design and interior configuration options was the combination of the traditional physiognomy of the area and at the same time the modern lifestyle of the tourist target group.


Location: Afissos, Southern Pelion
Floor area: 66,30
State: Design
Design: Efi Dimitrakopoulou in collaboration with RDEC engineering & constructions
Construction: RDEC engineering & constructions